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It’s too common for people to give the size of their clothing too much power. For the 20 million women in the U.S. struggling with an eating disorder, that power can have a crippling hold over their ability to ever recover. Only one in 10 women with an eating disorder will be lucky enough to receive treatment, which can cost up to $30,000 per month.

“After all the mental, physical, and emotional struggles, plus the financial burden of medical bills, the cost alone of rebuilding a wardrobe that fit my new body was out of the question. Going shopping, trying on multiple sizes, and being surrounded by mirrors was a vulnerable and ultimately intolerable experience for myself, and far too many women. I was stuck with a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit my body or soul.”

— Erin, Garment Co-Founder


In February of 2017, The Garment Project launched with the idea of creating a free service designed to provide brand new, never-worn clothing to women in recovery from an eating disorder. To help each individual maintain their focused recovery and develop positive relationships with clothing regardless of the brand’s size, Garment’s unique attention to detail removes all of the tags and sizing information from each piece of clothing donated.

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Garment developed relationships with treatment centers across the country and collaborated with recovery heroes to create a simple method of matching candidates with our size-less inventory. Our intention is not to hide clothing sizes forever, but simply our give candidate’s the headspace and time to find confidence in other aspects of their life.

“Once I realized I had bigger and better things to offer than the size of my body, I was able to shop for new clothes without letting the size dictate my self-worth.”

Erin, Garment Co-Founder

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Our volunteer days with retailers allow us to meet so many generous, kind, and caring people in our community. At each event, employees spend their afternoon helping Garment organize, de-tag, log, and inventory each piece of donated clothing and accessories.


Where We Are Now

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In 2018, Garment became a 501(c)(3) non-profit and raised over $25,000 towards our project. We grew our team and made new friends at volunteer days and our local NEDA walk. Our size-less inventory grew to more than 5,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Not only did we receive clothing, but co-founders Erin and Jordan also hand delivered the first boxes of size-less clothing to the Eating Disorder Center of Portland in Oregon. The two had the opportunity to share their experiences with Erin’s eating disorder and recovered life with groups of individuals at different stages of their recovery process.



“I loved every single second of our collaboration! So easy and fun to work with and the outcome was beyond our wildest expectations.”

Jacqueline McGivern, Primary Therapist at EDCP

“[Erin and Jordan] are my heroes. This is an amazing thing.”

Carolyn Costin, ED Therapist, Author & International Speaker

“Garment is a recovery dream come true. Erin and Jordan, thank you for helping others to embrace their recovery”

Anna Kowalski, Eating Disorder Expert and Advocate